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Doctor Who

Call us whatever you like but we shamelessly paid our pounds to see the Doctor Who exhibit in Cardiff.  Not sure if it was the weather, or that it wasn’t “tourist season” but the exhibit was ours alone.

Please enjoy the pictures to help us get our money’s worth.

The exhibit was housed in the Red Dragon Centre.  This is bigger than a mall with IMAX, bowling, games, casino, bars and restaurants.  In other words a place to go when it is cold and rainy (or Cardiff year round).  Note the alien language on the sign.

These clothes were ripped off of Matt Smith himself.

Lisa and the Tardis

Vroomp .  . . vroomp . . . Tompaul lands on the legendary planet Greenscreen.

True fact: The handles on cybermen’s heads mean they can easily count as carry-ons.

Throughout the exhibit there were bits of episodes playing on the ceiling, walls and in this case floor.

“Harriet Jones, MP, Flydale North.”

The British (I mean Daleks) are coming!

Dalek Bob shows off his lovely new purple outfit.

True fact:  Daleks can be defeated by an unattached lens cap, but only from the Nikon D7000.

Winston wonders, “Does this bowtie make me look fat?”

Don’t Blink.

Cute!  K-9 doesn’t look bad either.