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Safari Shenanagans

So on our last evening at Tuli Lodge our safari was lackluster.  The animals were hiding and we just didn’t see anything good, so Abraham extended our safari drive a bit.  That’s when things got crazy.  We saw the usual zebra, wildebeest, ostrich, etc.  Then we started seeing the good stuff.  We saw hyenas stalking, jackals, and even a genet (a “cat” that climbs to the top of trees and catches birds when they land).  CRAZY eh?

We were treated to a family of bat eared foxes.  The cubs were playing, rough-housing one might say. Eventually the parents became suspicious of us and called us in.

Afterwards we were driving and ran into the back end (thats what was facing us) of a herd of elephants!  They moved over and we were watching this mom and her adolescent child and baby.  Suddenly she turned her back to us and grunted, the baby and adolescent fell behind, then she whipped around, flared her ears, stepped forward and said “GO AWAY.”

We saw a porcupine, which I have never seen in the wild.

Then as we drove into Tuli, we saw a hyena, very close to the lodges, marking his terrritory (lets just say No. 2).

We left Tuli the next day…we didn’t see the jaguar or any large cats for that matter.  BUT we did achieve one thing.  Tompaul did get a NICE front picture of a warthog.  That my friends is a achievement not easily achieved.

Oh and the babies too!

And they stayed…and played.



We finally managed to leave the Molema lodge around 13:00.  Unfortunately, thanks to a washed-out road, we had to take the long way around, so it took 90 minutes to go a 25 min ride.  Luckily we arrived just in time for afternoon tea and our evening game drive.  While we have gone on safari before, this was our first game “tour.”

Our lovely rooms above, which we quickly checked in and got ready for tea.  Our tea consisted of delicious cookies, chocolate cake and a veg quiche.  Our drive for the stay was Abraham.

Going safari in the “wet” season (as we saw) has its challenges.  For one it could be muddy, it could rain so much you can’t leave, and the bush is so lush and green it can be hard to see animals.  But when there is a carpet of delicate yellow flowers it takes your breath away.

There were more wild giraffes and closer than I have ever seen in my life.

I always wonder if giraffes and brontosours walked the same way.  Or should I say lumbered?

What is Botswana without a Baobab tree sit under and to discuss life?  This one is about 1200 years old.

Giraffes were everywhere.

Our treat for our first game drive was a mother hyena nursing her pups before she headed out for the night.  We were close, and then we got closer.

One pup ran and hid in the cave. The second was a little more brave, or curious.

Heather and Don right before sundowners.  How many giraffes can you spot?

Dinner was divine.  It was a tasty butter bean soup in mini poiki pot and a veg curry with salad and veg.  The next night was a butternut squash lasagna, mint peas, salad, and bread.

Tiny steenbuck.  Heather calls this the “Disney deer.”

Jackals.  They don’t look as fierce as they are known to be.

Baby learning the ways of the elephant world.  Can’t you see the wisdom being passed?

Giraffes also pass wisdom over.  This message is being passed through the eyes.

Bat-eared fox.  I didn’t even know they existed.  Everyone knows how I feel about bats…but these are adorable.

Rock Hyrax.  Supposedly related to the Elephant.  Can you see it?

Our elusive warthog friends.  They were bathing in a mud hole…then I thought about how people try to catch greased pigs.  What about greased up wart hogs?

Abraham measuring the water level from the previous night’s rain…it was 62cm.

The boys having sundowners. Tompaul wishes his clothes actually matched.

Don, Heather, Abraham, Lisa and Tompaul after our last safari.

Stay tuned for night safari–that’s when it gets CRAAAAZY.