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Signs of Australia

Let’s start our Australia trip where we left off in Africa: with signage.

In Australia they have aggressive PSA campaigns and I swear there are signs warning you to mind everything.  I mean everything.  One thing that I noticed was the aggressive campaign to keep drivers awake.  Except with me it reminded me I was sleepy and everytime I saw one of these I yawned.  One time I almost fell asleep immediately after.

Then of course there was the signs reminding me to be a patient, good girl (I mean driver).

Then we have a personal favorite that was predominant around the Great Ocean Road.  If you haven’t figured this out by the time you are on the road then by the time you see this sign everyone is in trouble.

We stayed in some random places in Australia that seemed perfectly acceptable there.  They still have old fashioned “hotels” above bars downtown in small towns.  In case you get lost after enjoying the bar, note the helpful hand to show you where to go.

This one seemed a bit harsh, but I guess they don’t tolerate idiocracy.

Vanity plates are all the rage.  While they have more laws in Australia than I have ever seen they are pretty loose on the license plate front.

I  think the sign speaks for itself.

I am surprised the stick person doesn’t have a walker or hover-round.