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Around Town

Well we arrived at 6:33am (on December 30) and took a train to Ealing where our good friend Lynelle Howson met us and took us to her flat.  I took an immediate nap and awoke to the delightful smell of scones that Lynelle had ma

de.  We ate it properly with clotted cream and jam.

Then we hit the town.  Tompaul wanted to hit Hamleys so we went to Oxford Circle and walked down the Leicester Square.  So first we hit Liberty of London.  I procured stationary (as it was the only thing I could afford).  Then we hit Hamleys which was turning 250.  We love Hamleys.  Tompaul bought a Doctor Who toy.  Here I am in a Boba Fett hat holding the Liberty of London bag.

Oxford Square was decorated in honor of the new (but crappy) Narnia movie for Christmas.

We then wandered to Charring Cross Road, where we found about 5 book stores.  Tompaul and I acquired about 5 books for our library.  Currently I am reading Serpent in Paradise (about Pitcairn).  We then wandered back to flat and went out for some delicious Indian food.  We then tried to readjust our clocks.