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Kgalewood Here We Come!

For our last full day in Botswana we wanted to go out with a bang and see all of the Kgalewood sites (mostly pertaining to the Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency).  So first was a climb up Kgale Hill.

Even though it felt bright and early to us (7am), we were amongst the late stragglers up Kgale Hill.  Many were coming down as we were going up.  Part of the hike is a road which you can see above, and part are steep high steps.  It is at the base of this “hill” that Mma Ramotswe has her agency.

This is the view about 3/4 of the way up.  The guy in the far right corner was doing sprints up and down this smooth steep part.

Here is Heather making the final ascent.  Note the desperate messages painted on the rock.

Tompal always wondered how far it was to Bejing, as he needed to get the third foot on his right side removed for extra cheap.  He figured he could pay the surgery by selling the foot on the black market.

When we first arrived at the top we were enveloped by a cloud. It was the oddest feeling of wet and mist and excitement.  It lifted a bit (not much) and apparently still wanted to be in the picture like the camera whore it is.

Internet at the Koonses was still not working.  So we all brought our laptops to the Juicy Lucy for breakfast.  Not much talking, mostly eating and typing at our table.  Everyone love my farmers tan??

Heather and Don then drove us to the Ladies’ No. 1 Opera House.  Previously they had bought season tickets and said the ambiance was awesome.  All sorts of shows perform here (not just opera).  Unfortunately today it was closed.

Then they took us to the actual set of the HBO/BBC series.  I sure wish it wasn’t fenced in…it could be a major attraction.  We decided to walk around the perimeter to see what we could see.  Then what did we see?  A HOLE!  Yep a person sized hole.  It was if they were inviting us in…

It seems they also invited nature in, but it wasn’t as polite as we were.  It seems that nature is slowly reclaiming its land.

Okay so we don’t look our best ever…but we did just climb Kgale Hill.

You may think this sign is silly…but wait until our next blog entitled Signs of Africa.

As you can see the set was not built to last.  It is begining to look a bit derilict.  I wonder what Mma Ramotswe would say, or rather I wonder what her daddy would say.  It is amazing how sets look so solid on the oustide but are really a combination of concrete, paper mache, and paint.

Our lovely hosts!

We just had to sneak another cow picture in.  Later in the day Heather walked us down to a craft shop near her house.  It was awesome.  On the way though we passed a cow crying–no joke.  It looked adolescent and lost.  It just kept crying looking for its herd. I think he got reunited shortly thereafter.


Note the awesome iron baboon!

This is one of the women working in the pottery shop.  We bought a lovely bowl and vase.  The designs were amazing.  I think Heather and Don should have something commissioned when they come back to the States in August.

Our time in Botswana has come to a close.  I end with these pictures of monkeys from Heather and Don’s porch.  They kept warning us about monkeys….but they did not grace us with their presence until the last day.  They look so cute…who would know they are diabolical?