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Next movie…Ethiopia…I think?

The next country after Belgium will be Ethiopia.  So it’s time to pick an Ethiopian movie.  Problem?  There aren’t many films or documentaries taking place in Ethiopia.  IMDB has only 29 movies listed.  Many of these are not available on netflix.    So I list the movies that are available.

Teza is a movie about an  Ethiopian who returns home after years of studying medicine in Germany, he finds Ethiopia completely transformed into a violent, war-torn country under the rule of Haile Mariam Mengistu.  He is trying to figure out where he fits into this new world.

Altetu is a movie about the first Ethiopian to win the Olympics.  It is uncertain if this is available through Netflix.  It apparently was presented in the Nashville film festival.  I can’t find a trailer.

And that’s it.  Seriously  That’s it.  Of 29 movies only one is definitely available.  The other may be available.