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Surprising Finds

Blogging has taken a back seat recently, but we have not stopped planning. Last night Tompaul and I went to a Southwestern Adventist University alumni get together. At first I felt a bit out of place, I didn’t go to Southwestern and really didn’t know anybody. However the company was grand! Tompaul sat next next to a 78 year old travel agent, who specializes in missionary work. We found she has been to most of the stops on our itinerary, including Ethiopia and the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. She told us amazing stories, and may help Tompaul plan some of our side trips!

In our quest to learn more about our destinations we are watching Nova: The Great Inca Rebellion. It is talking about the excavations in Lima, Peru and graves they found that may date back to the Spanish conquest of Peru. The question is how did Pizarro overwhelm the Incas with only 200 men? What is the truth?

I am curious how the indigenous culture mixed with spanish culture creates modern day South America. Cusco was the capital of the Incas. Lima was founded by the Spanish. I will be interested to see how the two cities differ. The other interesting thing is how the Lima is so sprawling and crazy, but there are major archeological finds scattered throughout the city. There is a 800 year old house on the Adventist campus. Old graves, major finds in the city of Lima.

It appears that perhaps the Spanish fought alongside the Incas, making benefit of the Inca strifes that were already occurring. That the mighty Incas were not brought down by a few Europeans but instead by themselves. History does not seem to always bear the truth.