Around the World in 90 Days

don't be jealous…

Great Ocean Road

Shortly after Melbourne the road becomes dizzingly windy and the beaches are wild. Welcome to The Great Ocean Road.  Like our previous days the weather was either super cloudy or super shiny.  These two pictures were taken just as the GOR started at “the Gulch.”








Here Tompaul is before the start of the Great Ocean Road, smiling because he doesn’t yet know how windy the road is and what joy that will bring for those who are prone to car sickness.

The only kangaroo we saw was road kill.  Are kangas the possums of Australia?  Warned about but never seen?

One of our first stops, a lovely waterfall and hike outside the town of Lorne.

It was quite the rainforest.  So many cockatoos, parrots, and beautiful foliage.

There were many warnings: No jumping on the bed, No rafting, Mimes should stay away from falling trees because no one will care, and of course the evil ox that spews snakes.

We then drove back into town to eat supper by the beach.  I have to say this was one of the better pizzas on the trip.  It was well done, plenty o’ crust, pineapple.  Again we did carry out and ate on a bench by the beach…which may have been a mistake.

Have you ever seen the movie The Birds?  I am slowly getting into bird watching.  BUT the birds at this beach were, well VICIOUS.  We sat down and soon calls issued out from all over that new meat (I mean people) had arrived.  There was a full-out WAR over us.  Side one Cockatoos and Side two the seagulls.

I fed a couple of the birds then as we got up to leave this sweet cockatoo decided my toes were bits of pizza crust and bit them several times.

The town was actually quite dead so we pressed on, and found the best campsite ever…Kennett River Caravan Park.  They advertise free wireless and koalas, so how could one go wrong.  It was one of the best wireless connections we had in Australia as a whole.  True to their word there were koalas doing their two favorite things–nibbling and snoozing.  Koalas are the cat of Australia, sleeping more than 20 hours a day.  Sweet.


We had a good night.  Sleeping like koalas.  As we packed up in the morning we were greeted by the king parrots. Here is one who was looking for grub.

Our next stop was a small town down the road with a sweet hike .  As you can see the view is amazing, but apparently people also paraglide.  For some reason the owners want you to pay before you jump…



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