Around the World in 90 Days

don't be jealous…

Signs of Africa

As we leave Africa in our blogging (finally eh?) we give you our first installment of signs around the world:

Botswana has a huge anti-alcohol campaign.  On payday (fourth Friday of the month) people get paid and those who are smart do not go out.

So when I first saw this ad I thought it was for a hair product…oh wait it’s called Lovers Plus?

Don’t let the suave dude fool you. That yellow drink is your ticket to AIDS. Sober’s cool, kids!

‘Nuf said.

Again if you MUST litter be courteous about it.

We were not let through…

We don’t know what it says but it seems crossing the railroad track with donkeys can lead to disaster…or it is about a small house?

This one is apparently about soccer, Legos, Star Trek, and AIDS.

Yay! I was worried.

Okay…so the creepy Cadbury mug is giving the dude a front massage.  Why?  What is it selling again?  I don’t want it….kids don’t let strange mugs give you hugs.

This is the winner.  It sums up Africa…sometimes there is no power but you still are going to want your Damn Fine pizza.


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