Around the World in 90 Days

don't be jealous…

Half Way!

Half way through!  One thing that has surprised me on this trip is the trouble with internet.  Everywhere we go there is working internet before we arrive, and is troublesome once we are there.  We are camping at Uluru and the internet was down until NOW and we have to be at the airport in 1 hour.  Brilliant.

So quick post.  I have been keeping statistics on what we have been up to.  Here it goes:

The Tallies of our Round the World Trip

Postcards sent 28 (but 8 more go out today).

Books Bought: 58  (yes we are biliophiles!)

Books Read: 13 by Lisa and 5 by Tompaul

Movies watched: 10 (most recently True Grit, again brilliant)

Nights camping: 10

Customs Cleared: 8

Countries: 6

Inflight meals eaten: 12 each

Flights: 9

Hours in Jo’burg airport: about 15

Taxies Hired: 10

Cars Rented: 2 (total of 3556 km driven)

Train Rides: 6 each

Mass transit : 30 each (7 London Tube Rides, 6 Melbourne trams, 17 Sydney trains)

Favorite Australian words: Heaps, Yeh?,  How’s the economy in the States?

Today we head to Cairns. Maybe we can get all of the Botswana blogs up by then?




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