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Hungry Hippos and Flocks of Flamingoes: Rift Valley Tour: Part 2

So after leaving the crater we ventured further and further up north.  Then we hit it.  It was like an invisible wall.  What could it be?  The equator of course.  We were forced to stop for photo ops!Tompaul tries to break through but he just can’t!

They have made this globe on the other side of the equator for photo ops.  The goats like to stand on the ramps…and in the bathrooms, and by the car.  Eventually they want to put a motor on the globe (so it actually turns).  They also have a solar cooker where a chicken was getting roasted for dinner.  Gotta love the sun!

That night we camped at Roberts Camp on the shores of Lake Barringo.  They have a lovely campsite and also some nice chalets. On our first night we all sat around just relaxing from the long drive.  Suddenly a guy ran up to us saying if we wanted to see a hippo to come on!  Well there was a mommy and baby hippo grazing about 100 meters from our tent.  How cool!  Unfortunately Tompaul did not get any decent pictures.  Hippos are so amazing, but deadly.

We all went to sleep (after emptying the tent of food).  Then in the night Tompaul awoke to nature calling.  As he came back to the tent what did he see?  A HIPPO RIGHT BY OUR TENT!  He jumps back inside the tent and we both laid there waiting to be chomped to death!  Next time we want to stay in a chalet . . . .

We all awoke early in the morning for a lake birding tour.  It seems everyone we know is into birding…and we can see why.  Lake Barringo is known for its birds.  Maybe because it is a fresh water lake and others are “soda” lakes.

Lari and Alexander, all suited up ready to find birds.

A bird we don’t know the name of, but the shot is cool!

Boy and Girl Weavers (one of my favorite birds).

A large heron.

Part of the boat tour was buying fish from a fisherman to feed to the fisher eagle.  This guy is rowing out on a balsa wood canoe.  He sells us fish for a steep price.   Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) one of the fish was still alive and swam away before the eagle came.

Here is the fisher eagle snatching the fish from the water!  The guide would say 3,2,1 SHOOT.  And like clockwork if you snapped at the “shoot”  you got a fab picture.

Lizard of sorts.

Our nemesis.

Look!  It’s the strongest girl in the WORLD!!! (or the lightest log).

That afternoon we decided a drive around Lake Bogoria was in order.   It’s known for its tens of thousands of flamingoes.

This is just one view of the gargantuan lake filled with flamingoes.  There is a drive around the lake but we had to turn back because of high water levels.

Usually Lake Borgoria has geysers, however the water level was so high we only saw bubbling areas.  The flamingos seemed to enjoy the lake.

I have never been so close to so many flamingoes.  They have incredibly long legs, and when flying seem to walk on water.

During the day Tompaul repeatedly complained of a rock in his shoe but could never find it.  At one point we looked onthe bottom, and there was a giant acacia thorn sticking through.  Can you see it?  It is toward the top…


3 responses to “Hungry Hippos and Flocks of Flamingoes: Rift Valley Tour: Part 2

  1. Mama Wheeler February 3, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    First, an observation. I think I’m the only reader who ever comments. But I have something to say on everything! : Q
    I got some sorta good pix of flamingos when we were at a lake — Magadi? — a few years back. And even waas able to zoom in on the picture and get a decent (if you have low standards) pix of the flock to put in my scrapbook. However, I am so jealous I could DIE of your wonderful pix of the flamiingos in flight. Wonderful. All I have around here to take pictures of are these STUPID CATS.

  2. Kajsa Hellgren February 3, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    This is truly amazing. You take spectacular shots and I am jealous!

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