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On our second night in Cape Town Tompaul took me on a date to the movies.  We chose Spud, a South African movie about a boy who heads off to boarding school as Nelson Mandela is released from prison.  It stars John Clease, who has the ability to make me laugh without speaking.

I tried to upload the trailer, but am unable to somehow on the computer I am borrowing.  It was hilarious, part of this may be that we watched it in South Africa and the audience was eating it up.  Overall the movie was hilarious, poignant, and showed the pain but also joy of growing up.  The child actor,  Troye Sivan, was amazing and well directed.  I think I might understand South Africa a bit more, but I will never get why the theater we were in was named Labia.


2 responses to “Spud

  1. mom January 19, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Sorry you had the accident. It sounds as though you made up for it by the good time you had. Miss you and glad you two are having a good time. I agree with Penny, we need picture of you two!

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