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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Around Town

Well we arrived at 6:33am (on December 30) and took a train to Ealing where our good friend Lynelle Howson met us and took us to her flat.  I took an immediate nap and awoke to the delightful smell of scones that Lynelle had ma

de.  We ate it properly with clotted cream and jam.

Then we hit the town.  Tompaul wanted to hit Hamleys so we went to Oxford Circle and walked down the Leicester Square.  So first we hit Liberty of London.  I procured stationary (as it was the only thing I could afford).  Then we hit Hamleys which was turning 250.  We love Hamleys.  Tompaul bought a Doctor Who toy.  Here I am in a Boba Fett hat holding the Liberty of London bag.

Oxford Square was decorated in honor of the new (but crappy) Narnia movie for Christmas.

We then wandered to Charring Cross Road, where we found about 5 book stores.  Tompaul and I acquired about 5 books for our library.  Currently I am reading Serpent in Paradise (about Pitcairn).  We then wandered back to flat and went out for some delicious Indian food.  We then tried to readjust our clocks.



And we are off!

The continent that is! As we speak Tompaul and I are sitting on the train to exit heathrow! There will be more later today!

We Are Official!

We have our RTW tickets and our intercontinental Africa Tickets.  It’s REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

We leave December 29th.  World here we come.

Destination Movies: Mary and Max

We had wanted to watch movies that pertained to each country we are going to visit.  This has proved to be more challenging than planned.  We ended up watching some IMAX stuff, then there was that horrible movie The Maid I couldn’t finish, cause it was psycho.

Then in browsing our Netflix it suggested this movie.  Usually Netflix suggests stuff I don’t want to see.  But this time…I was intrigued.  Mostly cause I love claymation.

First let me preface this is not a children’s movie.  It isn’t bad, just adult.  Mary is a girl who lives in Australia, the world of sepia.  Her family life is a mess, and she decides at random to write someone in America.  Little does she know she will make a friend in Max, a 44 yo Jewish, Atheist, New Yorker with Asperger Syndrome.  What ensues is a true friendship, and real life.  It is a black comedy I can wrap my mind around (unlike the psycho The Maid) a la Royal Tenenbaums.  Check it out.

Change, Change, Change

So we FINALLY reserved our tickets.   No panic, you can buy them as close as 7 days in advance.  The issue was a few flights we didn’t expect were completely SOLD OUT!  For example who would think that ALL coach flights from Sydney to Buenos Aires would already be sold out in February and early March?  Not I, not I.  So we had to again tweak the itenerary.  There are no Sydney-Buenos Aires flights available so we HAD to reroute through Auckland.  Darn we have to go to ANOTHER country that I have been dying to go to!  Did you know they are filming the Hobbit then????

Here we go:

DEPART 🙂  29 December USA!!!!

30 December London UK

01 January train to Bruges

03 January train to London

07 January Cape Town, South Africa

10 January Joburg, South Africa

In here we have another seperate flight (not worked out yet) to Nairobi, Kenya and Gaborone, Botswana.

27 January Sydney, Australia

02 Feburary Ayers Rock, Australia

05ish Febuary Cairns, Australia (this is open)

Somewhere in here we fly to Papua New Guinea

28 Feburary Auckland New Zealand  (Sweeeeet)

06 March Santiago, Chile

08 March Iquique, Chile

In between we will go overland to La Paz, Bolivia.  Ferry across Lake Titicaca, then take a train to Cuzco Peru (aka Machu Picchu)

17 March Iquitos, Peru

21 March Quito, Ecuador

30 March  Miami, Florida

31 March Baltimore, Maryland

01 April back to fellowship for Lisa and Tompaul gets to move in 😉

Change of plans is part of the fun, right?

Our itinerary has shifted a little bit. Initially we planned for Ethiopia to be our first stop on the continent of Africa. Since then we have realized that Cape Town will be a better choice.  There are many reasons for this

1.  We have a remaining segment of our trip that we had not used.
2.  To go to Ethiopia we needed to buy at least one ticket out of the RTW segments.
3.  Ethiopia seems so vast and there is so much we want to see and do in Ethiopia it just doesn’t seem to fit into this trip.  We will just have to come back some other time.

So our new itinerary is as follows (until we change it again):
December 28-January 4 London/Bruges with the Houses
January 4-9 Cape Town, South Africa
January 10-17 Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya with the Rusenescus
January 17-18 possibly a side trip to Victoria Falls
January 19-26 Gaborone, Botswana and possibly Namibia with the Koonses

Then it is off to the land of Oz!


Moving on…

Well things are finally moving and I am freaking out. Less than four week until departure. Here are the updates:

1.  We are changing our itinerary a bit. More on that in another post. Basically we are switching South Africa, specifically Cape Town, for Ethiopia.
2.  One out of two passports has returned with extra pages, so we don’t run out on the trip.
3.  This am I bought travelers insurance through World Nomads!  It took alot of searching and comparing. Ironically it was a one of the first companies I looked at but I just wasn’t sure. Mainly cause they don’t cover preexisting conditions…but after talking to them that meant in the past four months.  It is a mere $392 for the three months. Not too shabby.
4. Today I am sending my application for Neurology Boards.

Well I am typing this as I am waiting on the doctor to see me for any meds I might need on the trip.

More to come soon!